It’s a difficult question to answer. We all know people who have been harmed to one degree or another by drugs. But should the state be able to tell you whether or not you should be able to use drugs? Or should it remain a personal choice? First of all, let’s discuss habits and addictions.

Habits & Addictions

Another important topic surrounding drugs is addiction. Addiction is the human reaction to drugs, and is different for everybody. It amounts to very bad habits being compounded by addictive chemical stimulants, but can become very severe. It affects the addicted person in that they are no longer able to function in their lives, and they may also affect those around them in unexpected ways. Though addiction is different from a bad habit, many of the remedies for getting rid of bad habits help in treating addiction. You can find out how to change habits in the book End Bad Habits by Rawlings.

Back to the debate on drug use. f the state legalized all drugs, would drug use go up? Would it go down? Many legislators are scared to promote the legalization of drugs because many constituents are strongly opposed to drugs. They are afraid legalization of drugs amounts to promotion.

There’s no question that drugs are not good for you, but should drugs be illegal? Should the state be responsible for taking drugs out of the hands of it citizens, and is it even capable of doing so? In America, fear has unfortunately outstripped most rational debate on the topic.

Here is a strong point from Ron Paul on the topic: