Many Marijuana smokers think that it should be legalized for various reasons. The call for its legalization is due to different reasons. People think that legalizing marijuana is required to treat different illnesses.

Researches have shown that it can reduce pain, treat mental illnesses, and muscle control problems. Besides, marijuana legalization can promote consumers’ safety

Marijuana legalization can reduce violence among young men, and create more jobs opportunities. It can also be of immense economic benefit from the proceeds realized in the sale.

Major Supporting Political Parties:

  • The Libertarian Party (U.S.A)
  • The Green Party (U.S.A)
  • The United States Marijuana Party (U.S.A)
  • The Liberal Democrats Party (The UK)

Parties around the world can be found here.

The above-mentioned parties are pushing for the legalization of marijuana. They think that a great percentage (About 50% or above) has tried marijuana once at some stage.

Moreover, marijuana usage will not end and the flow of money being spent on it will not stop. Therefore, legalizing marijuana will give the government a better chance to supervise and raise funds out of it.

The Libertarian Party’s point of view regarding this issue was explained by their presidential nominee Gary Johnson. He thinks that marijuana as a medicine is safer than many legal drugs that caused the death of thousands of people.

The Green Party Presidential nominee Jill Stein is a huge supporter of marijuana legalization. Her argument is that marijuana is far less dangerous than other addictive staff like nicotine or alcohol for the public health.

The Liberal Democrats Party shows that legalizing marijuana will raise about 1 Billion Sterling Pounds per year for the country. The United States Marijuana Party believes that the war on drugs should stop. They claim that legalizing marijuana will cause peace and cohesion among the people.

A study introduced by Harvard declares that Republicans in the U.S are still opposing the legalization of Marijuana by 48% and 22% are not sure, given that Americans still know that marijuana smoking has been tried at least once among many of the U.S people.